Strategic projects

i2CAT fosters flagship initiatives to support ICT-based innovative strategies and policies implemented by public administrations.

Our teams lead cutting-edge local projects in order to accomplish and deploy the digital strategies and policies of public administrations.

Some relevant initiatives


A public-private initiative working to transform the metropolitan area of Barcelona into a city-wide open lab for the validation and adoption of 5G technologies.

The initiative creates synergies within the ecosystem and offers an experimental infrastructure to test, prototype and implement new digital solutions in the city. 5GBarcelona wants to stimulate the existing innovation in Barcelona, help to attract foreign investment, boost tech start-ups and generate an entire industry around 5G technology. The initiative was founded and powered by the Government of Catalonia, Barcelona City Hall, Mobile World Capital Barcelona, i2CAT, CTTC, Atos and the UPC.


SmartCatalonia is the strategy of the Government of Catalonia that, fully aligned with the Europe2020 strategy of the European Commission, carries out a program that integrates and coordinates local initiatives, supports companies and deploys Smart initiatives throughout the territory. It aims at taking advantage of the use of technology and digital information to innovate in public services, boost economic growth and promote a smarter, sustainable and inclusive society. i2CAT is collaborating in the following projects created under the SmartCatalonia strategy:

IoT Catalan Alliance

An initiative managed and promoted by i2CAT that brings together all the players in the Catalan Smart ecosystem to raise awareness of the potential we have as a country to foster collaboration and the generation of projects in the area of Internet of Things.

SmartCatalonia Laboratori

An initiative that launches pilot tests of innovative solutions to solve technological challenges identified by Catalan municipalities.

SmartCatalonia Challenge

An initiative that promotes entrepreneurship by providing solutions to challenges presented by cities or the non-profit sector to improve the quality of life of citizens.


A social innovation project designed to strengthen the social ties of elderly people who feel lonely and to improve their well-being with the aid of new technologies.

Cesicat Project

La Oficina d’innovació en Ciberseguretat és l’instrument creat amb l’objectiu d’ impulsar la innovació en ciberseguretat a Catalunya en tot el seu cicle de vida, desde la recerca bàsica i aplicada a la innovació empresarial per tal de contribuir a fer un salt qualitatiu en la gestió de la ciberseguretat a Catalunya.


La Oficina d’innovació en Ciberseguretat està formada per una estructura dissenyada per donar resposta als reptes que planteja la ciberseguretat en Catalunya, i està formada per una àrea de desenvolupament de la innovació que lidera les iniciatives de desenvolupament de negoci i relacions amb l’ecosistema d’innvoació de Catalunya, una àrea d’innovació tecnològica que treballa sobre les noves tendències i solucions tecnològies innovadores per desenvolupar projectes disruptius, i una àrea de recerca aplicada per treballar en les tecnologies emergents necessàries que donin resposta als reptes de ciberseguretat plantejats a mig i llarg termini.

ICT can boost your innovation

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