Collaboratory Cat Sud

Fostering innovation structures in South Catalonia

Coordinated by i2CAT

Started at: 01-11-2019
Ends on: 30-04-2020

Areas: Secretariat of Col·laboratori Cat Sud

Col·laboratori Cat Sud is a pilot project framed in Col·laboratori 1.0. and promoted by i2CAT’s Digital Citizenship Laboratory (LCD) with the support of the Secretariat of Digital Policy within the Ministry for Digital Policy and Public Administration.

Its aim is to prototype and validate a model for the promotion, design and execution of social and digital structures in the Penedès, the Tarragona region and the Terres de l’Ebre region in order to foster the deployment of the digital and knowledge society and contribute to making Southern Catalonia a region of knowledge.

The Col·laboratori Cat Sud project was inspired by the Catalunya Sud 2040 Regió Europea del Coneixement strategy.

The aim of this project is to articulate the elements of the quadruple helix in the Tarragona region.

Design & Management

Energy transition

Digital transition

Social transition

Climate change


Participating organizations

  • URV Labs
    • Jordi Cartanyà Solé
    • Francesc Díaz González
  • CoEbre Lab Ribera d’Ebre
    • Albert Pujol
  • Fab Lab Terres de l’Ebre
    • Juan Carlos Rincón
  • Tarragona Impulsa
    • Valle Mellado
    • David Gateu
  • TGN Social Lab
    • Francesc Roca i Rosell
  • Citat Sàvia CoLab Reus
    • Karina Simieli
  • Impuls Lab Amposta
    • Lala Escrivà Pons
  • Interiors Living Lab, CENFIM
    • Jaisiel Madrid Sánchez

Members of the secretariat

Promoted by:

Aquest projecte està cofinançat pel Fons Europeus de Desenvolupament Regional de la Unió Europea en el marc del Programa Operatiu FEDER de Catalunya 2014-2020.

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