i2CAT’s employees compose a talented and specialised team that cooperates in order to generate knowledge and deliver innovative solutions.

Josep Paradells Management Team

Josep Paradells


Artur Serra Management Team

Artur Serra

Deputy Director

Joan Manel Martín Managemen Team

Joan Manel Martín

Managing Director

Sergi Figuerola Management Team

Sergi Figuerola

Chief Technology & Innovation Officer


Daniel Camps

Ferran Cañellas

Jessica Moysen Cortes

Bruno Cordero 5g IoT MWI

Bruno Cordero

Timo Kellermann

Marisa Catalán 5g IoT MWI

Marisa Catalán

Aleix Boixader

August Betzler 5g IoT MWI

August Betzler

Pol Delgado 5g IoT MWI

Pol Delgado

Miguel Catalan 5g IoT MWI

Miguel Catalan

Joan Josep Aleixendri

5G-IoT_Software Networks

Shuaib Siddiqui 5g IoT Software Networks

Shuaib Siddiqui

Carolina Fernández

Miguel Silva

Apostolos Papageorgiou 5g IoT Software Networks

Apostolos Papageorgiou

Adriana Fernández

Cedric Spengler

Hamzeh Khalili 5g IoT Software Networks

Hamzeh Khalili

Javier Fernández 5g IoT Software Networks

Javier Fernández

Leonardo Ochoa Aday

Pouria Khodashenas 5g IoT Software Networks

Pouria Khodashenas


Eduard Grasa 5g IoT RINA

Eduard Grasa

Sergio Gimenez

Miquel Tarzán 5g IoT RINA

Miquel Tarzán

Open Big Data

Josep Escrig

Marc Romero

Sergi Sánchez

Sergi Mercadé

Media Internet

Sergi Fernández Media Internet

Sergi Fernández

Marc Martos

Muhamad Hjeij

Amir Ansari

Einar Meyerson Media Internet

Einar Meyerson

Isaac Fraile Media Internet

Isaac Fraile

Gianluca Cernigliaro

Mateo Hermosilla

Adrià Sánchez

Santiago López

Rebeca Iglesias

Dolores García Izquierdo

Alfonso Egio Software Engineering

Alfonso Egio

Belén Pousa Software Engineering

Belén Pousa

Sergi Solvez

Josep Pons Software Engineering

Josep Pons

Julio Carlos Barrera Software Engineering

Julio Carlos Barrera

Lucio Fernández

Ricardo González Software Engineering

Ricardo González


Flaminio Minerva PMO

Flaminio Minerva

Jose Miguel Sanjuan PMO

Jose Miguel Sanjuan

Ana Paula Solís

Jan Vara

Mónica Fernández PMO

Mónica Fernández

Violeta Morquecho PMO

Violeta Morquecho

Administration Finance & Accounting

Rocío Segura Administration Finance Accounting

Rocío Segura

Rosa Santamaria

Sonia Beltrán Administration Finance Accounting

Sonia Beltrán

Human Resources

Roger Onnen

Corporate Development

Susana Otero Corporate Development

Susana Otero

Anna Civit

Míriam Castillo Corporate Development

Míriam Castillo

Iván Rodríguez

Miguel Ángel Pérez Strategic Projects

Miguel Ángel Pérez

Daniel López

Alba Garcia

Tomas Escuin

Rafael Nualart Strategic Projects

Rafel Nualart

Rosa Paradell Smart-cities Innovation Business Units

Rosa Paradell

Sílvia Castellví Industry 4.0 Innovation Business

Sílvia Castellví

Cristian Crespo

Jordi Daura

Arnau Fatjó

Arnau Sala Smart Cities Innovation Business Units

Arnau Sala

Cristina Ramos

Eunice Ribeiro

Pouria Khodashenas 5g IoT Software Networks

Pouria Khodashenas

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