Modelització Funcional 3D de la Vàlvula Mitral del cor humà



The mitral failure is the second valvular heart disease currently in the first world, which not infrequently requires surgical treatment.

The creation of a tool not only allows the possibility of better understanding the mechanism of failure of mitral valve operation, but also the possible repair strategy design, shaped like a "road map" to follow, accompanied by a preliminary analysis success after the virtual change of the anatomical structure, would represent a major step in simplifying the surgical repair of mitral valve insufficiency. This simplification would allow an improvement in the learning curve of this technique, allowing not only greater disclosure of these techniques that is currently restricted to a few surgeons in surgical groups, would also be a safeguard of life, otherwise exposed to too variables in the moment of reconstructive surgery.

The existence of studies of submillimetric anatomical definition and the possibility of digitization and segmentation of these images, must allow for the creation of a virtual intelligent model not merely graphical, which, once analyzed, facilitates the anatomical -functional study of the mitral valve. In turn, the change in the structure, should allow us to reassess the valve and its new functionality, allowing not only know what surgical technique apply, but also the result of it.

Our project aims to create a set of tools based on the medical image in which thanks to the detailed analysis of the valves, morpho-geometric parameters can be assessed that lead to the identification of measurable variables that permit, in a reproducible way to predict functional changes after intervention.

  • Design of a theoretical model for the development of anatomical views of the mitral valve.
  • Study, storage, and transmission of medical Image.
  • Segmentation and classification of the medical Image of the different anatomical sub regions, using: manual, automatic and semiautomatic methods.
  • Construction of a multi modal and temporal model of the heart.
  • Design and implementation of a visualization system for the model and animation of the temporal and multimodal model.
  • Non-stationary dynamic simulation of a highly deformable structure with the mechanical features of the mitral valve and its cords, in bidirectional coupling with de blood flow through the valve in the systole and diastole phases.
  • Development of a Graphic User Interface. (GUI)


The mitral valve failure is second valvular heart disease currently in the first world, which not infrequently requires surgical treatment. Since the 50 this pathology has been treated by mitral valve replacement using different types of prosthesis with good results, although with some important limitations: the need for anticoagulation when using mechanical prosthesis, hemodynamic behavior acceptable, but not optimal . Valve repair surgery, which began in the 50's but enhanced from 70's, has been and remains a challenge for cardiac surgery.

The need for functional repair of an anatomic substrate which has an extremely flexible structure, requires not only an exquisite functional anatomical study, delivered by an experienced echocardiographer, both before, during and after surgery, but also a wide experience by the surgical team in different restorative techniques and making decisions about which techniques can be the most suitable.

05/2010 to 04/2012
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