Anella Cultural



The aim of the Cultural Ring Project is the design and development of a Network of Cultural Centers around Catalonia based on advanced Internet technologies. This project enables the evolution in creation, distribution and spreading of culture in the network.

The project consists of facilitating the transmission, delivery and data handling of audiovisual content among different Cultural Centers in Catalonia. Culture needs high quality audiovisual content in order to reach certain quality levels of either audio or video. Besides, the network and its particular features play an important role as the way to convey high quality transmissions.


The general innovation line is the development of a network of audiovisual content exchange for either offline broadcasting or live events. Moreover, broadcasting is performed using the DV standard at 30 Mbps, pretty higher in quality to the current broadcasting standards used on an ADSL network. One of the main important points of the project is the effort to use high speed infrastructures to guarantee the quality as the fundamental parameter in live transmission of cultural events.

On the other hand and taking into account the current status of the real infrastructures, in this project several content adaptation mechanisms have been developed in such a way that it has become a non-exclusive integrated platform. Hence, most centers with slower interfaces are able to participate in the programmed events.


The benefits of the Cultural Ring are mostly an improvement in the cultural integration of Catalonia. Specifically, it extends the ways of communications of the “Consorci Transversal Xarxa d’Activitats Culturals”, composed by 16 towns, setting a model of reference for the culture in the network and the content exchange. The project includes a videoconference infrastructure that makes easier the internal management of these 16 towns and those who have the equipment and network to participate. It also encourages the active participation of the public in events performed jointly.

01/2007 to 12/2010
993.435,80 €