Virtual Reality Platform for simulates Bariatric Surgery and predicts patient evolution: Platform Interoperability

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Bariatric Surgery Project aims to develop a Virtual Reality platform to support surgeons in prepare and perform the surgery, as well as, estimate patient’s evolution.
Nowadays, we are working to add new functionalities to the Bariatric Surgery system for providing interoperable platform, which will allows it to exchange medical information with the Hospital Information Systems. For this purpose we use two medical interoperability standards:
Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) is a standard for exchange (store, print, transmit, etc.) information in medical imaging.
In the project we use the DICOM standard to retrieve the Patients TAC’s from the Image Database (PACS) and upload them to the Bariatric Surgery Platform, for generate a real 3D representation of the patient’s stomach and simulate the surgery over it.

HL7 Messaging Standard is a messaging international standard for transfer electronic clinical and administrative data between disparate healthcare systems.
In the project we use HL7 v2.3.1 standard to obtain patient data, like its address or sex, and add it to the Bariatric Surgery Platform, and use it to generate the predictive model, which based on previous data from similar surgeries and combined with data of the patient will be able to estimate the evolution.


Funded by Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, national plan of scientific research, development and technological innovation 2008-2011:


Corporate Community

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Corporate Community es un proyecto de Innovación Financiado por el Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad en el cual ha participado la Fundación i2CAT, conjuntamente con la Empresa SCYTL (Secure Electronic Voting) y la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Durante el transcurso del proyecto se a creado la plataforma CorporateCommunity, un innovador sistema integrado de participación y voto electrónico dirigido a cubrir las necesidades de las grandes empresas, permitiendo llevar a cabo las Juntas Generales de Accionistas de una manera totalmente accesible y transparente.
La Fundación i2CAT se ha encargado de la implementación del sistema de transmisión de contenido, que permite retransmitir las juntas generales de accionistas, así como compartir documentos. Además de poner al alcance de los accionistas los contenidos y la grabación de las sesiones anteriormente realizadas.
Proyecto Financiado por:

International Demo at TNC2014

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Last Terena Networking Conference (TNC2014) was scenario of an important international collaboration of the i2CAT DANA team together with ADVA, HEAnet and Eurotek. The event showcased a live demo of the end-to-end service provisioning of a video on demand service transmitted over a colourless ROADM ring. I2CAT contributed with the implementation of the service orchestrator and configurator based on OpenNaaS. The demo was performed in the exhibition booths and in the dedicated demo area gathering a great interest of the audience. The satisfactory outcomes of the joint effort open new opportunities for collaboration between i2CAT and the other involved industrial partners in topics related to infrastructure control and management.


TNC 2014 SDN Demo

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