Fed4FIRE Open Tutorial Day

Blog DANA - Dll, 24/11/2014 - 15:32

Next December 10th, in Berlin, the Fed4FIRE Open Tutorial Day will be held in Fraunhofer FOKUS premises.

This is an oportunity for get a general introduction to the Fed4FIRE initiative and in-depth information on some of the project participating testbeds:

  • Virtual Wall
  • Fuseco
  • Bonfire
  • Openflow (OFELIA)
  • Smartsantander
  • w-Ilab.t

The event is directed towards newly joining experimenters, testbed providers from recent open calls and to interested 3rd parties, especially SMEs that want to learn more on how they can profit from Fed4FIRE facilities.

During this tutorial day, i2CAT will participate giving a talk on how to experiment with OFELIA OpenFlow resources through the Fed4FIRE federation, that is, using GENI Omni  command line instead of the Expedient GUI.

More info and free registration link is available at:

And in the attached leaflet:

Fed4Fire Open Tutorial Day Flyer

OpenNaaS 0.30 released!

Blog DANA - Dc, 19/11/2014 - 17:27

The OpenNaaS development team is proud to announce the release 0.30 of OpenNaaS!

This release includes the lasts blocks of functionalities required by the OFERTIE FP7 project, as well as the firsts requirements of the DOLFIN FP7 project. New implemented features provide the ability of reading, but also reporting, network statistics by circuit, flow and device port to SLA Managers and SDN applications.

Please find all the details about this release in OpenNaaS news page.

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