Corporate Community

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Corporate Community es un proyecto de Innovación Financiado por el Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad en el cual ha participado la Fundación i2CAT, conjuntamente con la Empresa SCYTL (Secure Electronic Voting) y la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Durante el transcurso del proyecto se a creado la plataforma CorporateCommunity, un innovador sistema integrado de participación y voto electrónico dirigido a cubrir las necesidades de las grandes empresas, permitiendo llevar a cabo las Juntas Generales de Accionistas de una manera totalmente accesible y transparente.
La Fundación i2CAT se ha encargado de la implementación del sistema de transmisión de contenido, que permite retransmitir las juntas generales de accionistas, así como compartir documentos. Además de poner al alcance de los accionistas los contenidos y la grabación de las sesiones anteriormente realizadas.
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International Demo at TNC2014

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Last Terena Networking Conference (TNC2014) was scenario of an important international collaboration of the i2CAT DANA team together with ADVA, HEAnet and Eurotek. The event showcased a live demo of the end-to-end service provisioning of a video on demand service transmitted over a colourless ROADM ring. I2CAT contributed with the implementation of the service orchestrator and configurator based on OpenNaaS. The demo was performed in the exhibition booths and in the dedicated demo area gathering a great interest of the audience. The satisfactory outcomes of the joint effort open new opportunities for collaboration between i2CAT and the other involved industrial partners in topics related to infrastructure control and management.


TNC 2014 SDN Demo

Paper on IRATI’s prototyping efforts published at IEEE Network

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We are very happy to announce that a paper on the RINA prototyping we are researching and implementing has been published on the March 2014 issue of the IEEE Network Journal! The paper can be accessed by members of IEEE from this link.

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Here is the abstract:

In recent years, many new Internet architectures are being proposed to solve shortcomings in the current Internet. A lot of these new architectures merely extend the current TCP/IP architecture and hence do not solve the fundamental cause of these problems. The Recursive Internet Architecture (RINA) is a true new network architecture, developed from scratch, building on lessons learned in the past. RINA prototyping efforts have been ongoing since 2010, but a prototype on which a commercial RINA implementation can be built has not been developed yet. The goal of the IRATI research project is to develop and evaluate such a prototype in Linux/OS. This article focuses on the software design required to implement a network stack in Linux/OS. We motivate the placement of, and communication between, the different software components in either the kernel or user space. The first open source prototype of the IRATI implementation of RINA will be available in June 2014 for researchers, developers, and early adopters.”

OpenNaaS 0.28 released!

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The OpenNaaS team is proud to announce version 0.28 of the platform. In this release a set of new capabilities of router resource has been added to the platform. These new features were developed in the context of GÉANt3+ Joint Research Activity 2 (JRA2-T2) F2F meeting in i2CAT premises at Barcelona (Spain) celebrated on 31st of March and 1st of April 2014.

Version 0.27 was an internal release mainly offering multi-domain support for European Union FP7 Ofertie project.

Moreover, Windows installer has been improved fixing some bugs, now the installation and unistallation processes are correctly performed.

Find all the details about this release here: OpenNaaS 0.28 released!.

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